Past Events of the International Hajji Baba Society

December 2, 2018-Silken Resistance: A Short History of Ikat; Presentation by Dr. Richard Isaacson

October 21, 2018-Open House at home of Michael Kaplan and Steven Nordfjord

October 7, 2018- Central Asian Embroideries Classified by Tribe
Talk by Ali Istalifi

September 30, 2018-Annual Picnic and Rug Market

June 24, 2018-Private Tour of IHBS Member Roger Pratt's Collection

May 26, 2018- JOURNEYS IN INDIGO: chasing the blues from the skyscrapers of Yemen to the skyscrapers of Manhattan.
Talk by Jenny Balfour Paul

April 28, 2018- "The Ottoman Heritage in Austro-Hungarian Costume and Textiles", Talk by Joyce Corbett

April 15, 2018- Festivals, Fairs & Rituals: Textiles, Costumes and Carpets of the Eastern Grasslands of Tibet, talk by Cheri Hunter

March 24, 2018- Hats and Headdresses: From Antiquity to the Present, Talk by Ira Spar

February 23, 2018- Tapestries in the Dumbarton Oaks collection, Talk by James Carder, Archivist and House Collection Manager

February 4, 2018- Talk by Hillary Steel, "Ikat/Jaspe: A Comparative Look at Process and Design from Three Continents" and Annual Dinner Meeting

November 12, 2017- 18th and 19th century Turkish Rugs and their Relation to the ‘Transylvanian’ Group, Talk by Stefano Ionescu

October 14, 2017- The Coptic Tapestry Albums and The Archaeologist of Antinoι, Albert Gayet, Talk by Nancy Hoskins

October 1, 2017- Annual Picnic

September 23, 2017- Documenting and Digitizing Your Collection, Talk by Susan Laudicina

June 3, 2017- Lighting Your Carpets, Talk by Michael Kaplan

April 23, 2017- Open House at Home of Kelly Webb and Frances Plunkett

February 12, 2017- Secrets of Tibetan Weaving, Talk by Rupert Smith

January 28, 2017- Talk by Thomas Cook, "Rug scholarship and connoisseurship" and Annual Dinner Meeting

November 13, 2016- Flatweaves 101; From Alternating Soumak to Zili: The Basic Structures of Oriental Flatweaves; Talk by Patrick Weiler

October 16, 2016- Textiles of Indonesia from the Collection of Roger Pratt

October 9, 2016- Annual Picnic

August 14, 2016- IHBS Member Show & Tell Part 2 at The Textile Museum

July 17, 2016- IHBS Member Show & Tell Part 1 at The Textile Museum

June 5, 2016- The Blue Veil of Ladakh, Talk by Jaina Mishra

May 1, 2016- The Allure of Luxury: The Impact of the Kashmir Shawl on Dress and Design in Persia; Talk by Jeff Spurr

April 10, 2016- The Thomas Cook Collection of Persian Rugs

March 20, 2016- Themes and Memes, Signs and Symbols: Ottoman Style and Other Voices in Anatolian Rug Design; Talk by Dennis Dodds

January 31, 2016- Presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Williams on "Dress and Dιcor: Textiles and Jewelry from Late Antique Egypt" and Annual Dinner Meeting

November 15, 2015– Rugs and Textiles from the Southern and Western Caucasus; Tour of a Private collection

October 16, 2015– Private tour of Byzantine and Pre-Columbian Textiles, Dumbarton Oaks Museum

September 27, 2015– Annual Picnic

August 8, 2015- Reception and Exhibition of IHBS Member Textiles for the International Conference on Oriental Carpets at David Zahirpour's Gallery

June 14, 2015- Classic Laces: Fashion, Status, and Civilization talk by Cecilia Anderson

May 17, 2015- Tents and Furnishing of the Nomads of Central Asia talk by Richard Isaacson

April 19, 2015- Reassembling a Persian Beauty, talk by Anna Beselin, Senior Textile Conservator, Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin

March 1, 2015- Turkish Kilim Designs, talk by Ali Riza Tuna

January 25, 2015- Presentation by Dr. Jeffrey C. Splitstoser on "Unwrapping Khipu History" and Annual Dinner Meeting

December 6, 2014- IHBS Members' Favorite Rugs and Textiles presented at a Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning at The Textile Museum, Washington DC

November 16, 2014- The Element of Surprise in Japanese Kimono Tradition, Presentation by Ann Marie Moeller

October 5, 2014- Textiles of Hainan: Seeking the Source of Lost Austronesian Iconography, Presentation by Tom Murray

September 28, 2014– Annual Picnic

June 1, 2014– Textiles of Central and Eastern Arunachal Pradesh

May 3, 2014– Ottoman Velvets as Luxury Goods: Foreign Competition, Markets, and Mass Production

March 9, 2014– Tuduc fakes in European and American collections, Presentation by Stefano Ionesco

February 23, 2014– Visit to a Local Collector's Home

January 26, 2014– Presentation by Lee Talbot and Annual Meeting

December 1, 2013– Turkmen Show-And-Tell at a Member's Home

November 10, 2013–
The Dragon Chasing the Horse - Or Was It the Other Way Around?" Chinese and Tibetan Saddle Rugs; Talk by Koos de Jong

November 3, 2013– Exploring The Little Known: Textiles of the South Balkans, Presentation by Tim & Penny Hayes

October 6, 2013– 19th Century Workshop Rugs from the Eastern Caucasus

September 8, 2013– Annual Picnic

June 16, 2013– Rediscovering the Chinese Textile Collection in the Freer Gallery of Art; Lecture by Daisy Wang

May 19, 2013– Continuous Threads of the Maya Weaver; Lecture by Yolanda Alcorta and Sheba Velasco

May 5, 2013– Baluch Pile Weavings; Lecture by DeWitt Mallery

April 21, 2013– The Magic Power of Large Medallion Suzanis; Lecture by Gisela Helmecke

April 14, 2013– What's a Collector to Do? The Sticky Issue of Provenance

March 24, 2013– Southwestern Textiles: History, Technique, Design; Lecture by Cecilia Anderson

February 24, 2013– Two Great Textile Traditions of South India; Lecture by Karthika Audinet

January 13, 2013– Presentation by Julia Brennan and Annual Meeting

October 7, 2012– Late Mamluk Carpets: Some New Observations by Jon Thompson

September 30, 2012– Annual Picnic

September 23, 2012– Qaraqalpaq Culture and Textiles; by David and Sue Richardson

August 26, 2012– Workshop on "Handle"

April 1, 2012– Visit to the Home of Local Collectors of South Persian Weavings

January 22, 2012– Annual Meeting, Dinner and Talk by Bruce Baganz

October 9, 2011– Picnic at the Keshishian Farm

September 11, 2011– The Bechhoefer Collection

March 27, 2011– Fez & Kilim, Lecture by Peter Bichler

March 5, 2011– Palmettes, Split Leaves and Arabesques--Variations and Permutations on an Ornament, Lecture by Christian Erber

January 8, 2011– Annual Meeting, Potluck Dinner and Lecture by Paul Hepworth on Topkapi Textiles

November 20, 2010– The China Silk Road

October 31, 2010– Great Anatolian Rugs Sourced In Transylvania

September 19, 2010– Collecting the Uncollectible: Kurdish Flatweaves of Afreen

September 12, 2010– 2010 Picnic at the Summer Home of Ed and Cassie Zimmerman

April 11, 2010– Small South Persian Tribal Weavings, Lecture by Ann Nicholas and Richard Blumenthal

March 7, 2010– Transylvanian Rugs, Lecture by Amy Rispin, Pat Reilly, and Tim Hayes

February 21, 2010– Feltmaking Traditions (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Turkey), Lecture by Christine Martens

January 16, 2010– Annual Meeting, Potluck Dinner and Lecture by Nurhan Atasoy on Ottoman Imperial Tents

November 11, 2009– A contemporary view of old Caucasian village rugs, Lecture by Raoul Tschebull

September 13,2009- Picnic at the Zimmerman's

May 17, 2009– The Textiles of Kyrgyzstan – A Mixture of Pragmatism and Artistic Values, Lecture by Ambassador Eileen A. Malloy

April 19, 2009– Renaissance Italy and the Oriental Carpet: Documents, Paintings and Survivors, Lecture by Alberto Boralevi, Florence, Italy

March 1, 2009– The Origins of the Chintamani Motif and its Use in Ottoman Textiles, Lecture by Dr. Sumiyo Okumura

February 8, 2009– Harold Keshishian's 80th Birthday Celebration

January 10, 2009 Annual Meeting, Potluck Dinner and Lecture by Julia Brennan on Conserving Bhutanese Textiles

December 14, 2008 Textiles of Burma (Myanmar)

September 7, 2008 Nomads in Anatolia - Their Life and Their Textiles, Lecture by Harold Bφhmer

August 17, 2008 Picnic at the Keshishian's

July 20, 2008 The Language of East Asian Textile Design, Lecture by Lee Talbot

April 20, 2008 Turkish Felt Rug Making and Dyeing, Lecture by Mehmet Girgiη and Theresa May-O'Brien

March 30, 2008 Some Musings on the Origins of the Turkmen Gφl, Lecture by Richard Wright

February 2, 2008 Annual Meeting, Potluck Dinner and Lecture by Daniel Walker

January 20, 2008 Shibori: the Japanese Art of Tie Dyeing, Lecture by Jeffrey Krauss

Keshishian's 2007 Christmas Party

November 11, 2007 Contemporary Textile Production in Uzbekistan, Lecture by Christine Brown

October 21, 2007 Ronald Graham in 19th c. Persia: Rugs and Textiles in his Photo Album, Lecture by Jeff Spurr

September 9, 2007 Picnic at the Zimmerman's

August 19, 2007 Tremendous Transatlantic Turkmen Treffen

August 13, 2007 From Sagdak to Salor, Lecture by Jόrg Rageth

March 25, 2007 Iranian Bags, Covers and Bands as Woven and Used in the Nomad Context, Lecture by Raoul Tschebull

February 18, 2007 Looking at Carpets on the Diagonal, Lecture by Carol Bier

January 27, 2007 Annual Meeting and Wendell Swan's Talk on Shahsavan Weavings Party

January 21, 2007 Afshar Salon

Keshishian's 2006 Christmas Party

September 10, 2006 Picnic

April 29, 2006, Carbon Dating of Turkmen Rugs and Dye/Mordant Analysis, Lecture by Jurg Rageth

March 5, 2006, Malagasy Textiles, Talk by Julia Brennan and Sarah Fee

November 13, 2005, Transylvanian Rugs in their Context, Talk by Alberto Boralevi

September 25, 2005 Picnic

September 11, 2005, How the Great Carpets Were Made, Talk by Jon Thompson,

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