Member Trip Reports

Our members like to travel and visit textile venues and museums.
This page allows them to share their experiences.

Selections from The Textile Museum Collections September 2017

Aija Blitte's visit to Poland, 2017

Bingata Exhibition at The Textile Museum, November 2016

Textile Society of America, Savannah July 2016

Selections from The Textile Museum Collections July 2016

Kimono & Obi: Romantic Echoes From Japan's Golden Age; Baltimore Museum of Art 2016

Hillwood Museum Deco Japan Exhibition 2016

November 2014, TM New Horizons Trip to Metropolitan Museum Textile Exhibits

September 2014, Textiles on display at the Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Los Angeles

November, 2013 Dace Blaumanis and Aija Blitte's visit to the Mexico Cultural Institute

June, 2013 Aija Blitte's visit to the Latvia Song Festival

March, 2012 Jeff Krauss' visit to the Metropolitan Museum of New York Islamic Galleries

February, 2012 Jeff & Fern Krauss' visit to the museums in the Los Angeles area

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